Pick Light

   The Pick Light system is capable of automatically indicating the specific parts that are required for an assembly unit. The system alerts the operator as to the proper part or parts that need to be picked and can verify that the operator has picked the correct parts.

     The Pick Light system annunciates to the operator the required part(s). This is performed by turning on a pilot light(s) that coincides with the location of the material stored in the rack. One or more part locations can be illuminated. A light screen matrix is mounted around the storage rack, ultimately determining the point at which an operator's hand has entered into the storage rack. This matrix is accurate to a closer tolerance than the width of a small child's hand. A dead buffer zone is also added to prevent crossover trips to adjacent bins of storage areas.

     The overall scheme, of this device, is to have a part location light up when a unit is detected as it passes by the system. A buzzer will sound in the event the operator picks a part that is not illuminated; the buzzer will silence when the operator removes their hand. When an operator picks from an illuminated bin, the buzzer remains silent and the light will go out once the operator removes their hand from the light matrix.



  • Adjustable matrix that may be expanded or reduced to fit nearly every application while using the same programming.
  • Data Logging capabilities
  • Light Screen Matrix can be built as part of a new rack or overlaid onto and existing rack
  • Bar code scanners and entrance gates can be added for verification of the stock being placed into the rack if required.
  • Oversize bin capability.
  • Additions and subtractions to base system can be made to fit your application.