Lighting Disconnect

     A Lighting Disconnect is an electrical assembly which consists of a disconnect switch, copper wound transformer, fuse block and fuses.  These components are interconnected to provide the user with a convenient but acceptable specific package to mount in a Nema standard enclosure.  The disconnect switch is interlocked to the door therefore, the door cannot be opened unless power is disconnected.  The unit, when wired to the primary source of 240 or 480 VAC, will provide a 120 VAC power source for industrial test equipment, programmable controllers, computers or microprocessors.  The Lighting Disconnect is available with either a fused or unfused primary side, there is always a fused secondary.  A grounded duplex receptacle can be provided in larger models.



  • Grounded Duplex Receptacle can be provided in larger models
  • Provides a convenient source for 120vac power from a primary source of 240 or 480vac
  • Designed to meet JIC and Automotive Standards
  • Available with either fused or unfused primary side (always a fused secondary)
  • Suitable for many applications that require a 120vac power source