Glitch Gobbler

    Our Glitch Gobbler was developed by CEC Controls Company, Inc., in response to a reoccurring and expensive problem with short power outages (electrical power company re-route switching time, i.e. greater then 12 milliseconds) being experienced by one of our major customer's assembly plants. We supplied two prototype units, of which only one was installed, which proved the operation of the product. The working design and packaging was completed and the customer initially installed fifty-two of the units. Our customer recouped their entire investment during the first power outage. This product was included in the specifications for all conveyor control panels for all of the customer's final assembly plants. The customer was contemplating spending millions of dollars, but instead only spent a fraction of the cost. It is obvious that the "Glitch Gobbler" was a success!



  • CEC's Glitch Gobbler has a 10 amp output contact, rated at 120 volts AC. A competitive, similar but not as functional device, has a 100 milliamp output contact which has been prone to failure.
  • The MTBF for CEC's Glitch Gobbler is somewhere beyond (12) twelve years.
  • The design package is very convenient to be relay track mounted next to the panel Master Relay, or subplate mounted in the case of a retrofit.