AIS Station

The Assembly Information System (AIS) is capable of automatically indicating specific tasks that are required for an operator workstation. The system acts as a two-way communication gateway between the mistake proofing components, such as torque tools, pick lights, or operator input and MES servers. The AIS sends and receives information between plant floor operations and plant databases, to acquire information specific to the operation(s) in a workstation. Information gathered is used to indicate specific processes expected of operators, and upon completion of these processes the AIS sends pass/fail information back to the servers, electronically tagging the process with information about open issues.

The Assembly Information Station is capable of communicating with many devices over a variety of communication platforms such as Ethernet, serial and discrete I/O. Typical devices include: barcode readers, RF tag readers, part verification pick lights, torque tools, process equipment, ID engravers and other manufacturing devices.



  • Use as a stand-alone unit or part of a zone of stations
  • Touch screen interface
  • Acts as a two-way communication gateway from mistake proofing components to a MES system.
  • Local connections include: 2 serial ports, 1 USB port, 2 Ethernet ports and discrete (8 dc inputs & 8 dc outputs).
  • A Windows CE based embedded computer with a 12.1” color touchscreen and a color stack light.